Civil and commercial contracts

The Firm enjoys a remarquable expertise in the contractual industry. Thus, Mr. Berbagui has pled years ago an academic dissertation about “the protection of the legitimate reliance in French and English contract laws”. He has studied the notions of good faith, the cause, the theory of appearance and the anglo-saxon tool of Estoppel.

We do provide services in drafting, negotiating, reviewing and litigating for civil and commercial contracts (deeds of sale, distribution and franchising, articles of incorporation and shareholders’ agreements, commercial and professional leases, public procurements, etc). The contractual liability goes often along with a claim for damages before the jurisdictions, for the various damages (material and non-material) that a contracting party may suffer from, as a result of a breach of contract by his or her partner.

Employment Law

We have also developed a strong experience in the labor industry, advising and litigating as well.

We answer employers’ needs in drafting or reviewing their key-documents (employment contracts, internal regulations, administrative formalities), and we do assist them before the administration (work permits and residence cards for expatriate employees notably) .

It is also proposed and advised for employers to make a due diligence for their employment / HR department, in order to have a photography about the situation, point out the possible wrong elements, and propose adequate solutions.

Moreover, we are available for labor disputes. We do provide assistance in the litigations between employers and their staff, at any phase of the conflict, by giving the relevant way out.

A strategy may be put in place, according to the context of each issue.

Business and Tax litigation

Our Firm goes with the businesses for their daily conflicts with their partners, providers or clients, at any stage of the situation.

There are numerous solutions, according to the nature of any case. It may include a cease and desist letter, negotiation, preparatory or urgent proceedings, a claim for responsibility or for applying a foreign decision, etc.

We also provide our best knowledge and assistance for businesses having a trouble with the tax administration. Our services include, notably, an assessment of the tax payer’s situation, after a challenge from the administration, an assistance before the tax inspection or the conciliation commissions, if any. And, of course, a representation before the competent jurisdictions.